Test Data

DLP Test has a few different types of test data. There are sample files that can be downloaded.

There are also tables that can be used for creating new documents:
PII and PCI - Names, Social Security Numbers, and Credit Card Numbers 
PII - Names, Social Security Numbers, and Data of Birth
PCI - Names, Credit Card Numbers, Zip Code, and Expiration Data
PII - Names, Data of Birth, and Email Address 

This is just test data and may not trigger due to different checks your system may be running.

Based on requests for more data we also have very basic Hello World source code now hosted in Github https://github.com/brian-dlptest/dlptest

First Name Last Name (Surname) Date of birth Email Address
James Smith 1/2/1981 JamesSmith@gmail.com
Christopher Anderson 2/3/1981 ChristopherAnderson@gmail.com
Ronald Clark 3/4/1981 RonaldClark@gmail.com
Mary Wright 4/5/1981 MaryWright@gmail.com
Lisa Mitchell 5/6/1981 LisaMitchell@gmail.com
Michelle Johnson 6/7/1981 MichelleJohnson@gmail.com
John Thomas 7/8/1981 JohnThomas@gmail.com
Daniel Rodriguez 8/9/1981 DanielRodriguez@gmail.com
Anthony Lopez 9/10/1981 AnthonyLopez@gmail.com
Patricia Perez 1/10/1975 PatriciaPerez@gmail.com
Nancy Williams 2/11/1975 NancyWilliams@hotmail.com
Laura Jackson 3/12/1975 LauraJackson@hotmail.com
Robert Lewis 4/13/1975 RobertLewis@hotmail.com
Paul Hill 5/14/1975 PaulHill@hotmail.com
Kevin Roberts 6/14/1975 KevinRoberts@hotmail.com
Linda Jones 7/16/1975 LindaJones@hotmail.com
Karen White 8/17/1975 KarenWhite@hotmail.com
Sarah Lee 9/18/1975 SarahLee@hotmail.com
Michael Scott 10/19/1975 MichaelScott@hotmail.com
Mark Turner 1/20/1991 MarkTurner@hotmail.com
Jason Brown 2/21/1991 JasonBrown@aol.com
Barbara Harris 3/22/1991 BarbaraHarris@aol.com
Betty Walker 4/23/1991 BettyWalker@aol.com
Kimberly Green 5/24/1991 KimberlyGreen@aol.com
William Phillips 6/25/1991 WilliamPhillips@aol.com
Donald Davis 7/26/1991 DonaldDavis@aol.com
Jeff Martin 8/27/1991 JeffMartin@aol.com
Elizabeth Hall 9/28/1991 ElizabethHall@aol.com
Helen Adams 10/29/1991 HelenAdams@aol.com
Deborah Campbell 11/30/1991 DeborahCampbell@aol.com
David Miller 12/31/1991 DavidMiller@yahoo.com
George Thompson 1/17/1968 GeorgeThompson@yahoo.com
Jennifer Allen 2/18/1968 JenniferAllen@yahoo.com
Sandra Baker 3/19/1968 SandraBaker@yahoo.com
Richard Parker 4/20/1968 RichardParker@yahoo.com
Kenneth Wilson 5/21/1968 KennethWilson@yahoo.com
Maria Garcia 6/22/1968 MariaGarcia@yahoo.com
Donna Young 7/23/1968 DonnaYoung@yahoo.com
Charles Gonzalez 8/24/1968 CharlesGonzalez@yahoo.com
Steven Evans 9/25/1968 StevenEvans@yahoo.com
Susan Moore 10/26/1968 SusanMoore@yahoo.com
Carol Martinez 11/27/1968 CarolMartinez@facebook.com
Joseph Hernandez 12/28/1968 JosephHernandez@facebook.com
Edward Nelson 1/29/1968 EdwardNelson@facebook.com
Margaret Edwards 1/30/1968 MargaretEdwards@facebook.com
Ruth Taylor 1/31/1968 RuthTaylor@facebook.com
Thomas Robinson 2/1/1968 ThomasRobinson@facebook.com
Brian King 2/2/1968 BrianKing@facebook.com
Dorothy Carter 2/3/1968 DorothyCarter@facebook.com
Sharon Collins 2/4/1968 SharonCollins@facebook.com

Sample SSN and CCN Files
PDF File
XLS File
CSV File

Larger Test Word Files
1 MB Word

10 MB Word

Larger Test Excel Files
1 MB Excel
10 MB Excel

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